Mistress of ceremonies

Ceremonies at the theater




Mistress of ceremonies for your national conventions, with your full staff…


Team-building events

Mistress of ceremonies for your seminars, sales meetings, teambuilding events, expert at motivating and boosting your staff.

For your ceremonies, awards, conferences, you will be delighted with a Master of Ceremonies who brilliantly introduces speakers and manages time, while ensuring transitions.

For your national conventions, wishes…, you will have the assurance of a reliable Mistress of Ceremonies to stage the contents of your event, giving the image of a controlled and rewarding occasion.

For your seminars and teambuilding events, you will have an MC in line with your event, ensuring the coordination of both indoor and outdoor activities to develop team spirit and cohesion.




Presenter for your congresses, conferences, or colloquiums…


Company birthdays and milestones

Sport events

Presenter for your company anniversaries, achievements, awards and sporting events…

Trade shows, sales meetings

Product launches

Presenter for your sales meetings, roadshows, campaign launches, press conferences

Your presenter will be a true conductor throughout your conferences and conventions.

Your presenter will stimulate, bring onboard, and develop the sense of belonging and team spirit within employees.

Your presenter will animate your product launch and your campaign, and promote your know-how, USPs or activity.

You can entrust your MC with the organization of your event with regard to the scheduling of interventions and showcasing of the expert speakers.

You need to present the history of the company, its values, its innovative projects, its achievements or results, and its challenges.

You need your MC to convince your audience and your customers/prospects by presenting your products and services in order to boost your business.


Meetings or
World café

Moderator of your team meetings, debates or world cafés…

Gala evenings/dinners

Hostess of your gala evening or company event

Round tables

Animator and Facilitator for your round table events.

Your facilitator must bring together a professional audience during your meetings.

Your facilitator must stimulate, inspire and develop the feeling of belonging of staff, distributors, or partners.

Your facilitator will aim to improve exchanges and facilitate debate between different people.

You will choose a facilitator, with a transversal vision, in order to bring together actors from various backgrounds, around subjects of different reflections.

You will favor a facilitator, who values and strengthens the relationship that unites you with your teams, your customers, and your partners.

Your facilitator, a true conductor, will enhance teamwork by favoring debates, stimulating everyone’s interventions, and synthetizing.

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