Mistress of ceremony

Creator in humanism

Claude Garcia-Zunino

Mistress of ceremony

Creator in humanism

Your objectives

You seek a Mistress of Ceremonies in order to:

  • assist you in organizing your event.
  • assist you in choosing your theme.
  • assist you in developing the common thread.
  • help you carry out a specific, personalized and tailor-made program.
  • guarantee you will host a creative and dynamic event to showcase your speakers.
  • ensure successful participant management to satisfy and delight your audience.

Your solution

Your Mistress of ceremonies, presenter, animator

Creator in humanism with a HUMAN SUCCESS approach

I have :

  • A bold personality with remarkable stage presence
  • Huge energy and dynamism
  • Witty presence and recognized charisma
  • Stellar oral fluency and excellent elocution
  • Constant and impactful interaction with the audience
  • 30 years of experience in public and private organizations
  • 20 years of experience as Master of Ceremonies for my clients
  • In-depth transversal knowledge of corporate life
  • Strategic and operational expertise
  • Assured professionalism and experience in communication.

For the success of your event

At your disposal

Mistress of ceremonies



The 10 keys for an impactful animation

Here is my commitment to make your event a success:

1 – An expert on stage by your side

2 – A very human, impactful style adapted to your interventions

3 – Bright, witty and cultured stage presence with your guests

4 – A specific tone, in step with your communication

5 – Enhancement of your speeches

6 – Showcasing of your speakers

7 – Constant interactivity with your audience

8 – Exceptional conviviality with your audience

9 – A wealth of techniques adapted to your programming

10 – Meticulous time management to keep you on schedule