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My priority is to advise you in the organization and animation of your on-line event, thanks to a recognized expertise after more than 20 years of experience in event communication (strategy and execution) as well as a rich and diversified experience of organizations (from strategy to management).

Today, I animate your digital events using specific tools adapted to your brief and your objectives: Zoom, Teams and other remote collaborative software. I contribute to your online animation, in a professional and personalized way, to guarantee your satisfaction and to build the loyalty and the enchantment of your participating employees, managers, customers, prospects or specifiers.

We will work together to clarify your event’s positioning, theme and differentiation, thanks to a dynamic and human animation, while ensuring a follow-up of the specific common thread and a rigorous time management, resulting in a memorable impact with your public.

Online congresses or seminars

Let’s innovate together and organize an experiential seminar! Whether it is for your Executive Committee meeting, your big convention or any event with a larger audience, as your master of ceremony and facilitator, I will bring my energy and dynamism, online and in constant interaction with your speakers and your audience, in the adapted format.

Your webinar will be orchestrated to build strong impact and increase the reach of your event. Organizing a digital conference or seminar, a definite advantage for companies with geographically distant entities, will enable you to modernize your image and e-reputation.

Congrés séminaires online

Your 100% Online master of ceremonies is fully committed:

  • You organize a webinar, which will convey a trendy positioning and a modern digital image.
  • You choose the format that suits you and your facilitator will find the right rhythm to catch and maintain everyone’s interest.
  • You trust your facilitator, who will favor online interactivity.
  • You save time and distance, by allowing all participants to attend.
  • You save costs, by reducing travel for your staff and customers.

Online Webinars

I have facilitated numerous webinars and large meetings, due to the Covid context and the lack of face-to-face relationships, for companies and non-profit organizations, thus making it possible to bring together staff, members or customers, in order to develop information, internal communication, remote management and strengthening customer relations.

As the presenter/moderator, I am responsible for the facilitation, interaction and pace during the online webinar. I run the script, the presentation and management of the speakers, as well as the interaction with the audience. Sometimes in a duo with a moderator, I like to be in tandem with you to coordinate the event together and create the momentum and rhythm essential for webinars!


Your online Mistress of Ceremonies is 100% committed:

  • You connect easily with an inclusive approach to your audience, through appropriate facilitation from the start of the event.
  • You benefit from an interactive digital event in the form of digital conferences, with interaction techniques to get your audience to act and react.
  • You challenge your customers and prospects on opinions and needs, using specific digital animation techniques and tools.
  • You showcase your speakers, thanks to specific presentations and biographies, in order to enlighten you and create impact.

Online conferences

Product launches and presentations, conferences on a topical subject for your company, I am the pillar person, the conductor who supports you in the animation of your digital events, thanks to tailor-made solutions, 100% custom-made.

During the pandemic, an online conference is the ideal event to share a friendly moment with your customers and, above all, to give them a voice. I would have the pleasure of orchestrating this event to make it both interactive and human, thanks to collaborative chat systems, quizzes and polls.


Your dedicated 100% Online mistress of ceremonies is fully engaged:

  • You organize conference themes that are trendy and meet the needs and aspirations of employees or customers.
  • You raise the bar on professionalism, with the support of a facilitator/presenter/MC who looks after all aspects of facilitation and interactivity.
  • You challenge your customers and prospects on a specific subject and the facilitator will elegantly manage the discussion flow and showcase the speakers.
  • You highlight – with humanity – the speakers chosen especially for your event.

Online events

webinaire 6

Mistress of ceremony
at #SocialSellingForum
in Marseille

June 12, 2020

webinaire 6

Mistress of ceremony
at #SocialSellingForum
in Marseille

April 7, 2020

Master of Ceremonies for the Webinar
""Leaders: what choices for the organization""
French Association of Human Element Practitioners

April 29, 2020

webinaire 5

Master of Ceremonies for the monthly webinar organized by the French Association of Professional Speakers

May 12, 2020

webinaire ics

Master of Ceremonies
of the webinar "Develop your professional project in line with your essence"

June 1, 2020

Maistress of Ceremonies
at #SocialSellingForum #Festival

July 1, 2020

maitre de cérémonie à marseille

Master of Ceremonies for the monthly webinar organized by the French Association of Professional Speakers

July 16, 2020

webinaire 1

Online interview of speakers with Hervé Franceschi on the occasion of his book
"4 seasons to find your place in this world"

July, 2020

Master of Ceremonies for the Webinar
Contribution to the World and Professional Project: Myth or Reality "organized by the French Association of Human Element Practitioners

October 13, 2020