The Master of Ceremonies, conductor of the event!

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The Master of Ceremonies at a gala or convention is the conductor of the event. Why? Because they have exactly the same role. The conductor introduces the musicians just as the Master of Ceremonies inducts the speakers, sets the tone and the pace, and ensures the success of the event. Music in unison. Appointed Master of Ceremonies for galas, conventions and shows, the MC can also be called presenter, host or facilitator.

The conductor is responsible for coordinating the musicians’ play through gestures. As concerns the Master of Ceremonies, control is not obtained using a wand, but with an impactful voice on the microphone, to organize the schedule, the speaker interventions, the public’s interactions, through a balanced dosage of dynamism, humility and friendliness.

On the artistic side, the conductor guides the interpretation of the music works, taking into account the choice of repertoire, from the first rehearsal until the final performance. The professional presenter carefully prepares with his client the common thread of the event, which includes its introduction, the agenda, the key messages for the audience, the speakers, as well as the precise timing, sequence by sequence.

The master of ceremonies must also integrate the preparatory phase of the event, just like the musicians’ rehearsals are pre-programmed by the conductor. The MC must imperatively make time to schedule several meetings with the sponsor to clarify all the key points of the event, anticipate the technical aspects with the technicians of the control room, and coordinate the framework of the event with each speaker.

The MC puts the speakers in their best light, through empowering introductions, giving emphasis or summaries between speeches, so as to help their audience retain key ideas and takeaway points.

Arturo Toscanini said “The conductor is a prism, a kind of diamond, through which pass the beams of all the individualities of the orchestra”. Equally the Master of Ceremonies is a kind of jewel, through which pass all the riches and individualities of the actors of the ceremony, as well as those of the audience. The MC will guarantee the success and great satisfaction of your guests!

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